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Spring 2013 Class Schedule (redirected from Spring 2013 Class Schedule In Progress)

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Careers for Life Science PhD’s

MCB 295  -  CCN: 60176 

6:30-8:30pm Wednesday Nights, Barker 101

2013 Syllabus


Have you ever wondered what other jobs are like outside of Academia?

(Have you wondered what jobs are like inside of Academia….?)

Join us! 


Jan 23rd: Andrew Green – Career Counselor for PhD students at UC Berkeley

(did you even know we had one?!?) Come with questions about alternative paths, internships while in graduate school, and additional information.


Veronica Zepeda – Education and Outreach Coordinator for Synthetic and Systems Biology at UCSF

UCB/MCB Alumnus – Ask her how she made the transition from graduate school to academic coordinator.


Jan 30th: Ben Haley – Scientist at Genentech

UCB postdoctoral alumnus - What does all Genentech’s job titles actually mean? How do you become a Scientist at Genentech?  What do you do as a Scientist?


Roman Barbalat – Project Manager at Genentech

UCB/MCB Alumus – Some of you may remember Roman... He used to work for ZS Associates. Now he is at Genentech.  How did he do it? How do his jobs differ?


Feb 6th: ***SPECIAL - Resume Workshop*** 

Toby Freedman – Recruiter at Synapsis Search; Author of “Career Opportunities in Biotechnology and Drug Development”

If you have heard Dr. Freedman speak before, you know she alone is worth attending for.  If we were to require a book, it would be hers.  She will give an overview of careers and then a workshop on how to structure your resume.


Feb. 13th:  Jody Westbrook – Scientist at InVitae

            Come hear about how it is to work at a startup.  What are the hours like? How

            long do you expect to have a job?  How does the environment change as it grows?


Feb. 20th: Otis Littlefield – Morrison and Foerster Partner

UCB Alumnus and Boalt Alumnus – See why he made the switch to law and how many different options are available to scientists in law (even without getting a J.D.).  Did you know you pretty much need a Ph.D. to be a Patent Agent?


Feb. 27 – NO CLASS:

                        Alternatives to MCB295 offferred on this day:                       

1.)   BioScience Forum - Giulia Kennedy, Chief Scientific Officer, VP of R&D of Veracyte 6pm-9pm at The Holiday Inn, South SF – RSVP req. -$35 for students – dinner/talk/network

2.)   Entrepreneurs Club - “How to Start a Biotech” by the  CEO of Carmot Therapeutics, Stig Hansen – learn about QB3 and startups – 5:30-7:30 – Mission Bay, Byers 212 


March 6th: Brian Simison – Curator at California Academy of Sciences

UCB/IB Alumnus, and Research Professor at SF State, and now Curator and Head of the Center for Comparative Genomics at Cal Academy.  Find out what it is like to do research at the Cal Academy as well as curate a museum.


         Bryan Clarkson – Instructor of Biology at Diablo Valley College 

         MCB/Doudna lab alumnus as of 2011 – find out how he likes teaching 


March 13th: Dina Weilhammer – Postdoc at Lawrence Livermore Labs

         MCB Alumnus, as of 2011  - find out what it is like to be a postdoc at a National lab


                        Kenneth Greenberg – CSO of Spiral Devices

Neuroscience Alumnus as of 2007, did a postdoc at UCB, and then jumped into the startup world becoming CSO of Spiral Devices.  Spiral Devices is geared toward developing technologies to improve delivery of therapeutic molecules. 


March 20th: Andro Hsu – VP of Product Management at GigaGen

MCB Alumnus as of 2007.  Dr. Hsu began his life after grad school as a Science Writer Science Policy Liason and Manager of Regulatory Affairs at 23andMe. He then became a Product Manager at NextBio, and moved from there to GigGgen. 


           Lisa Prach – Research Scientist II at CA Dept. of Public Health

MCB Alumnus as of 2009.  Dr. Prach went back to school to get her Masters of Public Health. Come ask her how her MCB background helps her career now, and why she switched. 


Note: March 22nd is a Career Course Workshop Day by other Life Science departments called Beyond Academia - www.beyondacademia.org 


March 27th:  Dan Ballon – Principal Consultant for Science Policy in California Legislature

MCB Alumnus as of 2006.  Dr. Ballon was a Policy Fellow of the California Council on Science and Technology before becoming a Principal Consultant for the Legislature.  Come discuss with Dan about his experiences in Science Policy.


                         Carin Zimmerman – Instructor of Biotechnology at City College of SF

UC Davis Molecular Genetics Alumnus.  Dr. Zimmerman did a postdoc at UCSF before becoming an Instructor of Biotechnology at City College of SF. 


April 3rd: Sarah Owen – L.E.K. Consultant

MCB/Bertozzi lab Alumnus as of 2009.  Come hear about Dr. Owen’s experiences on the business side of biology and what it is like to work in a corporate environment at L.E.K.. With 3 years of experience there, she can give us great insight.


                    Kristin Talsky – Capgemini Consultant

MCB/Collins lab Alumnus as of 2011.  Dr. Talsky did a Portfolio Strategy internship in Genentech’s Pipeline and Porfolio Planning Department, and is now off in the consulting world.   Postponed until May 8th


April 10th: Ann Marie Faust – Research Scientist at Bio Architecture Labs

MCB/Drubin/Barnes lab Alumnus as of 2011.  Find out how it is to transition to industry. 


                    Leslie Stanton – Research Scientist at Amyris

MCB/Karsten Weis Alumnus as of 2011.  Find out what the company culture is like at Amyris, the renewable products startup company of UCB BioE faculty Jay Keasling.



April 17th: Cheryl Chun – Medical Writer for KnowledgePoint360

UCSF Alumnus as of 2010. Dr. Chun now, as a part of the KnowledgePoint360 Group, does contract medical writing, editing and strategic consulting services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.


                    Michael Dybbs – Principal at New Leaf Ventures

MCB Alumnus as of 2005.  Dr. Dybbs then went to the Boston Consulting Group before moving into venture capital at New Leaf Partners.  Have you ever wondered how consulting and venture capital truly differ?  Come ask Dr. Dybbs. 


April 24th: Andrew Greenstein – Scientist at Gilead Sciences

                      Jacob Corn – Genentech Scientist

                      Megan Clarey – Bio Rad Product Development

            Alumni of MCB entering class of 2002 will tell you about the different sides of industry. How do Genentech, Gilead and BioRad differ?  What do they like and dislike about their careers? 


Note – April 25th Toby Freedman is speaking in 105 Stanley Hall at 6pm about Career Paths


May 1st:    Kyle Kurpinski - Scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur in the biomedical realm

                         BioE Alumnus as of 2008.  Dr. Kurpinski is currently a medical technology consultant at NanoNerve, Executive Director of the Master of Translational Medicine Program at UCB/UCSF, and co-author of  "How to Defeat Your Own Clone: And Other Tips for Surviving the Biotech                            Revolution."  Come learn about Dr. Kurpinski's experience in the biomedical field.


                   John ten Bosch - Director of NorCal Regional Molecular Genetics Laboratory at Kaiser Permanente

                         MCB Alumnus as of 2006.  Dr. ten Bosch transitioned from a Stanford postdoc to be an Assistant Director of Molecular Genetics at the Children's Hospital & Research Center in Oakland to his current career at Kaiser Permanente.  Come learn about the clinical research                                        environment and Dr. ten Bosch's career path here.  


May 8th: 

Jamie Bascom – Lecturer at Mills College

Dr. Bascom was a postdoc here at UC Berkeley, before becoming an Lecturer at Mills College.  She is currently working to obtain a single subject teaching credential through EnCorps – come learn about her experiences.

Kristin Talsky – Capgemini Consultant

MCB/Collins lab Alumnus as of 2011.  Dr. Talsky did a Portfolio Strategy internship in Genentech’s Pipeline and Porfolio Planning Department, and is now off in the consulting world. 


May 15th:

      Victoria Sharma – Program Director at UC Berkeley Extension

            MCB alumnus as of 1999. Dr. Sharma did a postdoc at Genentech, and then worked as a Biochemist at Novartis.  Come hear about her career experiences and about the career development courses offered through the extension. 

     Michelle Chernock - Director of Medical Affairs at Santen

MCB alumnus as of 2003. Dr. Chernock worked as a Regional Medical Scientist, Medical Scientific Manager, Senior Manager, Medical Director in Toxin science, and Director of Medical Affairs for the companies Boehringer Ingelheim, Allergan Pharmaceuticals and Santen.  Come hear about her industry career experience.


There will be graduate student food (pizza and beverages)!!! But please sign up for the class if you are a student as that determines the amount of food we get.


Find us online – Google MCB295 - Have questions? Email organizers Nicole Fay at: nicole DOT fay AT berkeley DOT edu or Margaux Bennett  at: margauxb AT berkeley DOT edu



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